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Figma Community Explained: Why It's a Game-Changer

Written: August 18, 2023 by Juan Lizardo

Figma community

‍In the world of design, collaboration, and sharing have always been a challenge. Designers often hesitate to share their work, fearing that it will be copied or modified without their consent. Additionally, the lack of a centralized platform for designers to connect and share resources has made it difficult for the design community to thrive. However, Figma has changed the game with its revolutionary feature - Figma Community.

The Power of Figma Community

Figma Community is like GitHub for designers, providing a platform for designers to publish and share their design files and plugins. It is a space where designers can follow, support, and learn from each other. With Figma Community, designers can collaborate easily, remix existing designs, and contribute to the growth of the design community.

What Makes Figma Community Unique?

Unlike traditional design software, Figma was built with collaboration in mind from the start. It is a cloud-based design tool that allows designers to work together in real time and provides version control for design files. This means that designers can easily collaborate on projects, make modifications, and contribute to the improvement of designs.

Figma Community takes this collaboration to the next level by providing a platform for designers to share their work with the world. Designers can publish their design files, plugins, and resources, making them accessible to the entire design community. This not only encourages sharing and learning but also allows designers to build connections and receive feedback from their peers.

Accessing Figma Community


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To access the Figma Community, all you need is a Figma account. Whether you have a free or paid account, you have access to the same content in the Figma Community. Simply log in to your Figma account and navigate to the Figma Community section. From there, you can explore various design files, plugins, and resources created by other designers.

Exploring Figma Community


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Figma Community offers a wide range of resources for designers to explore and utilize in their projects. You can search for specific design files, plugins, or resources using tags, categories, or recent uploads. Additionally, you can follow your favorite designers and show your support by liking their work. Figma Community also allows you to copy and modify existing design files or create new designs based on them, providing a starting point for your projects.


Becoming a Figma Community Creator


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If you want to contribute to the Figma Community, you can become a creator by requesting an invite. As a creator, you can publish your own design files and plugins, sharing your work with the community. The application process is simple and straightforward, requiring basic information about yourself and your work. Once approved, you can customize your creator profile, including a cover image, logo, and bio, to showcase your style and expertise.


The Benefits of Figma Community


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Figma Community offers numerous benefits for designers:

Time-saving: With a vast library of design files and plugins, Figma Community saves designers time by providing ready-made resources that can be used or modified.

Inspiration: By exploring the work of other designers, you can gain inspiration, learn new techniques, and stay updated with the latest design trends.

Collaboration: Figma Community allows designers to collaborate and learn from each other, fostering a sense of community and connection. 

Accessibility: Design files and plugins in the Figma Community can be accessed by anyone with a Figma account, regardless of their subscription plan.

Flexibility: Figma Community gives designers the flexibility to copy and modify existing designs or create new designs from scratch, enabling them to customize and adapt resources to their specific needs. 


Notable Profiles in Figma Community


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Figma Community is home to many notable profiles that are worth following. These profiles offer a wealth of resources and inspiration for designers. Some of the notable profiles include:

Rogie, Design Advocate at Figma.

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Noah Levin, Design Director at Figma.

Spotify, With a presentation on how they work with Figma.  

Pablo Stanley, Founder of Blush. 

Jay Lee, Demonstrates auto layout, gradients, and tabs.

Google Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography and iconography 

Microsoft, Offers design files for their Fluent design system.

GitHub, Sharing their Primer design system and related files.


The Future of Figma Community


Figma Community has the potential to revolutionize the design industry by promoting collaboration, sharing, and learning among designers. As more designers join the community and contribute their work, the platform will continue to grow, offering a wealth of resources and opportunities for designers worldwide. With Figma Community, the design community can break free from the limitations of closed software and embrace a more open and collaborative approach to design.



Figma Community is a game-changer for designers, providing a platform for collaboration, sharing, and learning. With its vast library of design files, plugins, and resources, Figma Community empowers designers to create, explore, and connect with the global design community. Whether you are a seasoned designer or just starting your design journey, Figma Community offers a world of possibilities to enhance your skills and creativity. Join the community, explore, and let your design journey flourish with Figma Community.

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