10 Website Wireframe Examples & Templates

November 12, 2020 by Julija Popovic

website wireframe examples

It’s true that all creation is done in phases. Our creative processes can be different. But, people don’t tend to stick blindly to their initial idea. We need first, second and indeed third drafts (or more) until we finish the project.

Most projects go through a lot of trial and error: We switch things, alter sizes and scrap some elements all together. After all, you don’t achieve perfection all at once!

Design is a creative process. Throughout creative processes, we can often find ourselves straying from our ideas. There’s so much stuff that can distract us. We can get caught up in the minutia of the project. And then, we lose sight of the bigger picture. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a reference point.

Designers use references throughout the creation of their design. We go back, examine and rethink some things. But all projects have a starting point. This is the basis, the touchstone for the entire process.

Website Wireframe Kits

In digital design, this touchstone is a wireframe. What is a wireframe? Well, the word association would suggest a basic design. It’s the first draft, a mockup of the future project. It’s the model you use to represent certain parts of the project.

It might be more lucid to put it this way: a wireframe is like a skeleton of a ship. It gives you the idea about the size and the general shape of the vessel. But, it doesn’t tell you the colour of the boat, the size of cabins and their layout. In any kind of design, you often make alterations on the spot.

Now, let’s see what these awesome wireframes are all about.

1. Wireland for e-Commerce

website wireframe kit

As the name suggests, this wireframe is customised for e-commerce. You can build beautiful (and functional!) shopping sites. It’s one of the YOYO Labs designs.

There are more than 150 different layouts that are ready to use. This gives you an enormous range of choices for your website. There are screens for different product categories.

You can also use screens for featuring ongoing sales or deals. This is very important for any e-commerce site. Everybody likes a deal. So it’s only logical to feature them as prominently as possible.

Wireland also has screen layouts for user accounts and contact pages. They include maps and find-a-store section. This is handy if your client has both an online store and a regular brick-and-mortar business.

Product pages include information and product pricing. They also have a rating display. Ratings and reviews matter more and more. This is why this feature is so important.

The checkout process features different screens for different actions. Shipping details are on one, and payment details are on another screen. This provides the customer with a little respite between the two. It’s always a good idea not to overwhelm the customer.

Wireland is unfortunately compatible only with Sketch. This means you can only use it on IOS. This can be a dealbreaker for some designers. But don’t worry. There are plenty more wireframes that can suit your needs.

2. Figma Wireframe kit

website wireframe examples

Next up, we have the Figma Wireframe UI kit. It’s one of many great kits coming out of the SaaS design lab. Figma has become one of the biggest names in digital design. Many digital giants use Figma for thor designing needs.

You can use this great wireframe for many different things. It works well for startups and agencies. You can also use it for any kind of design or commercial project.

The Figma Wireframe kit has more than 100 different components. And all of them are customisable. So, anything you can imagine, you can create. You can edit colours, fonts and, of course, the content of every component.

This wireframe kit offers about 34 different screens. You can customise them to perfection. There are screens for analytics, e-commerce, registration, to name a few.

But we haven’t gotten to the best part yet: you can get the Figma Wireframe kit with a one-time fee. With it, you get a licence for commercial use and access to the full layout library. You also get help documentation and free upgrades and support.

There’s another good thing about this Wireframe. Program compatibility is a much smaller issue. The Figma Wireframe is compatible with Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD. You can find this wireframe kit here.

3. The Ultimate Website UX Kit

web mockups

This is a massive UX kit. Its designer Pierluigi Giglio spent over 4000 hours perfecting this awesome kit. It’s one of the biggest UX kits out there. It has hundreds of different components and hundreds of screens. All together, there’s more than 1000 different elements. Anyone would agree that’s pretty enormous.

The amount of available screens gives you endless possibilities. You can find screens for galleries, textual content and contact info. There are a lot of screens for pricing and other financial transactions.

The Ultimate Website UX kit is one of the most versatile kits you’ll find. The sheer amount of components means you’ll find what you need. You’ll likely find more than you expect. This kit is full of amazing screens and elements.

The UX elements are responsive and resizable. This means you can customise them to your heart’s desire. The Ultimate Website UX kit has organised and clean layers. This allows you to keep track of changes you’ve made. It also allows you to change up little details. And little details can really make a design.

So, there’s more good news: this UX kit is compatible with both Sketch and Adobe XD. This means it’s available on virtually any OS. Opting for this kit won’t be a mistake, whatever the project.

4. Figma Website Template and Landing Page Kit

landing page UI kit

This is another nifty kit from SaaS design. You can select one of the three ready landing pages. Or you can create one that’s entirely your own. There are more than 280 different layout blocks. With them you can create anything you think of. This massive selection probably has what you’re after.

There are many different component types. You can find everything from pricing and FAQs to team members. There are also many testimonial components. They can suit a wide variety of different pages. The feature components ensure your project has the impact you need.

These components are highly customisable. This allows you to make changes in a flash. If you don’t like a colour or a font, don’t sweat it. You can change either with a few clicks. This kit has completely customisable styles and text

Like the Wireframe kit, this one’s easy to use. Even for a novice. This is really one of the best features of these kits. But not to worry. They are powerful enough for experienced designers too.

The Figma Website Template kit also has a one-time fee. You only pay once and get all kinds of goodies. With it comes a commercial licence, as well as more than 280 layout blocks.

In addition, you also get help documentation and free updates and support. And it’s compatible with the most popular design tools. You can use it on Sketch, Adobe XD and of course Figma. You can find the Figma Website Template kit here.

5. Blokk Wireframe Kit

mockups for site

This wireframe kit is compact and straightforward. But, it does have a good number of features. Designer Robert Mayer envisioned it as a jack-of-all-trades kit. And it really is that.

The Blokk Wireframe kit has over 170 ready screens. They suit about fourteen most popular categories of websites. You can create blogs, testimonials and pricing tables. Blokk Wireframe also offers screens for e-commerce sites. There are also screens for analytics, content, galleries and other popular content templates.

This wireframe kit covers a lot of ground. It comes with free google fonts and built-in mockups. It also has adaptive symbols and a genuine bootstrap grid. This means it’s easy to keep your design organised and polished.

All the components fit together. You won’t have to worry about ill-fitting pieces. This will lend any project the neatness and cohesion necessary for good design. Everything will work together. The overall tone will be harmonious and pleasing.

Ultimately, this is a great wireframe kit for “everyday” use. As we’ve said it’s straightforward. Everything’s as simple as possible. This allows you to spend less time on menial tasks. And it leaves more time for actual design.

The Blokk Wireframe kit is compatible with Sketch and Photoshop.

6. Optimum Wireframe Desktop

desktop design mockup

This is another useful wireframe kit. It was published by Splash-media. It has all sorts of great features for effective UX/UI design. Time saving is what wireframe kits are all about.

The Optimum Wireframe Desktop kit has more than 100 modules blocks. And it has more than 175 reusable elements. This allows you to create millions of different combinations.

This kit offers screens for many kinds of online content. In addition, you can create galleries, maps or pricing tables. You can also use them for company sites or startups.

It’s also great for blogs and even registration. You can also use it for other kinds of forms. This kit offers great prototypes that save time and look amazing.

The Optimum Wireframe kit is one of the most affordable ones. It offers great value for money. This can be vital for starting designers. And hey, everyone likes to pinch a penny sometimes.

It also has a desktop version. This can be great for working from home. Its efficiency and affordability make it a great choice. It has features that cater to any designer’s needs.

This wireframe kit is compatible with Adobe XD. This means it you can use all of Adobe’s great features. Combined with the power of this kit, you have one powerful tool.

7. Base UI Sketch Framework

ui mockups

This is another kit by Robert Mayer. It’s a base kit. This means you can use it from the very beginning of your projects. It allows you to have total control over your design. This means you can deliver any request your client presents.

With this great kit you can create amazing websites in no time. It gives you many great options. You can customise your design however you like. It has many super-useful features.

All in all, it’s another fairly big kit. It offers 180 web based screen templates. You also get 10 landing pages ready for use. This gives you a massive selection of different screens and styles.

You can use this kit for analytics, contact pages and pricing tables. But it also has screens for loads of other different content pages. The Base UI Sketch kit made web design as simple as can be.

It also has other incredible features. You can customise entire colour schemes. You can also change up text styles and symbols. Your only limit is your imagination.

This kit helps you create beautiful designs quickly. It’s powerful and has loads of amazing features. It’s safe to say most people would be more than happy with it.

As the name suggests, this kit is compatible with Sketch. It’s a great pairing, capable of creating wonderful designs.

8. Tenebris Wireframe Kit

tenebris kit

This is yet another big wireframe kit. Its designer is Miloš Knežević. He made a wireframe kit that fits 13 most popular categories. So, you can create almost any type of site with this kit.

For example there are navigation and portfolio layouts. Tenebris Wireframe kit also offers contact, pricing tables and FAQ layout. In short, it’s as versatile a wireframe kit as they come.

Tenebris Wireframe kit is all about efficiency. It makes designing websites an absolute pleasure. It also has a great preview. This allows you to see what the kit offers in detail. This can be very helpful in browsing for a new kit. You can see screen layouts for any category. You can make an informed decision. We love that kind of straight-forwardness.

Now, for the brass tacks. As we’ve already said, this is a big kit. It has more than 200 screen layouts. This is more than enough for any kind of project. There’s a screen for anything you can think of. This might be one of its best assets.

But, it’s by no means the only one. All the elements are 100% vector based. This means you can scale them up or down as you like. This is great for designing for different platforms.

You also get free fonts and symbols and text styles. This gives you even more options for customisation. Tenebris Wireframe kit also has a bootstrap grid system.

This kit is compatible with Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD and Photoshop. It’s incredibly versatile and useful.

9. Dutchie E-commerce Wireframe kit

checkout page

Dutchie is a wireframe kit focused on E-commerce. Ever-expanding e-commerce market made a consistent demand for such kits. This one is great for any kind of online shop.

Dutchie wireframe kit is a product of Bionic design. They made this wireframe with simplicity as the first priority. Dutchie e-commerce kit is all about intuitive action. This means the actions are as simple and logical as possible.

Intuitive actions are something we just do. We don’t think about them. It’s something we know on a subconscious basis. And the team behind this wireframe made it with this in mind. Simplicity is the name of the game.

This wireframe has a great design. It’s clean and neat. This is all in service of simplicity of use. There are no complicated elements to confuse the user. The design is minimal, yet functional. And that’s a difficult line to walk. But, this wireframe kit nails it.

As we’ve said, this is an e-commerce kit. It has all the necessary elements to create a great e-commerce site. Dutchie is a high fidelity kit. This means the model you present is detailed. It looks pretty much how it would look on a live site. This can be useful to present your ideas to the client. After all, they get a full picture.

Dutchie includes all the screen layout you’d need. It has screens for product galleries, pricing and special deals. It, of course, has screens for shipping and payment details.

This great kit is fully customisable. You can create any beautiful design you can think of. Plus, it’s ready for use from the start. Dutchie is compatible with Figma. With the two, the sky’s the limit.

10. Wirey Wireframe kit

UI mockup

Last but not least, we have the Wirey Wireframe kit. This wireframe kit works well for various purposes. It’s one of the products of the Web Donut labs. Wirey is a versatile kit that helps you make amazing designs.

It has over 200 different components. Some of them include navigation, headers and feature layouts. You also get layouts for e-forms and blogs. Wirey is a great choice for any site. It has pricing tables and portfolio layouts, too. You get 13 of the most popular layout categories.

Moreover, it has 1000 elements you can customise. That way you can make sure a design fits your vision. You also have the option to include images. This makes it easy to create high fidelity wireframes. This adaptability makes it a great tool. You don’t need other wireframes. You can switch from low to high fidelity in a second.

Wirey wireframe comes with free Google font. Its elements are vector based. So, you can scale your designs to any size. Wirey is as useful as they come. It’s compatible with Sketch and Photoshop.

BONUS: Putting Your Wireframes to Good Use

Designers use wireframes for almost all types of websites and apps. E-commerce, social media, and web design all rely on wireframes as a jumping off point.

Not so long ago, layouts were hand-drawn. Sometimes, a doodle on a napkin turns into a million-dollar idea. But now, pre-made wireframes are available. That means speed, efficiency and consistency in designs. They also save time and resources.

Wireframes allow you to revisit and adjust your ideas as you go. They remain neat and clear for everyone to see. And no one’s stopping you from doodling on napkins. Just be sure not to lose them.

Designers use wireframes to keep on track with their project. But, sometimes you need to change your design up a bit. That’s also okay. Wireframes are rarely the exact image of a future app or site.

Even the high fidelity wireframes don’t have to be the last version of a design. They provide more details if the client needs them.

Wireframes sort of work like that. Wireframes mainly tell you the general layout of the website or app. They have the main buttons and components pencilled in. But, they usually don’t tell you about things like colour-schemes and font choices.

High Fidelity Vs. Low Fidelity: Explained

Wireframes present a designer’s initial ideas to the client. Together, they iron out the details. The “real” designing process begins when they agree. Even after that, there is space for adjustments. There are two main categories of wireframes: low fidelity and high fidelity.

Designers use low fidelity wireframes in the earlier stages of the design process. It’s logical. Low fidelity wireframes are crude models of the future website or app. Together with the client, the designer elaborates and expands this model. Low fidelity wireframes are the bare-bones essential. They visualise the overall look and feel of the design.

High fidelity wireframes are more intricate. They come into play once the designer and client have agreed on the specifications. These wireframes often have much more detail put into them. They serve as a touchstone throughout the later stages of the design process. They help designers keep track of the tone and aesthetic of the project.

There are also wireframes that are midway between high and low fidelity. They are useful and versatile, and can be helpful on many occasions.

Now, some designers prefer to have high fidelity wireframes from the get go. There’s nothing wrong with that. As long as they’re on the same page as the clients. Otherwise, that could mean a lot of reworking and tweaking. This way you can lose precious time and nerves.

But, low fidelity wireframes are enough at the early stages of designing. No one expects a designer to immediately have a worked-out plan. Most clients don’t have one either.

Low fidelity wireframes allow for that open idea. They provide a basic layout. Designers (and clients) are free to develop their ideas. Low fidelity wireframes don’t stifle the sudden bursts of inspiration.

In this article, we took a look at ten great wireframes. They can suit a variety of different projects. So, if you need inspiration or ready wireframes, you’ve come to the right place.

Last updated: November 13, 2020