UX Audit Presentation Template (Easy-to-Use)

May 04, 2021 by SaaS Design

UX presentation template

So, you’ve been tasked with a UX review — and you know that it could potentially lead to more client work, so you want it to be professional. Now you’re searching for a UX audit presentation template.

First of all, congratulations! This is an opportunity to show them your UX skills by preparing an awesome evaluation.

…And then comes the next step: Figuring out how to best present your findings, and framing the problems and solutions in the best way.

Should you use a Word document and send your findings to the client this way?

You could, but putting everything in a basic document can lead to inconsistencies. Plus, it’s not exactly inspiring. A UX audit is your chance to impress the client. After all, if they agree with your solutions, they might want to ask you to help implement them.

If you’ve already won a long-term UX consulting gig, a fantastic UX audit is the cherry on top. It reassures the client that they’ve made the right decision and gets them excited about working with you for years to come. You want to come up with a great, professional audit report efficiently, so you’ve decided to search for a template that you can customize. If you’re searching for a usability review report template because you’d rather be efficient (rather than create a presentation design from scratch – or worse – using a plain text document), then we’ve created this UX audit report template for you!

Why not use a proven template that saves you time while helping you look professional?

Benefits of using a UX review template vs. doing it all yourself:

-Save time by working with a proven, easy-to-use UX audit presentation template that works out of the box rather than starting from scratch.

-Easy to customize: Fill the template in with your own evaluation details quickly.

-Worried you might forget something? The template includes some general (and handy) guidelines for how to strengthen your audit.

-Enjoy the “forever” license: You can re-use this template for unlimited projects and clients.

Good news: We’ve got you! This proven template was created by UX designers, for UX designers.

We figured it may be useful to other UX designers well, which is why we’ve opened up this template for you to download.

This means that you can save time for this (and future) client projects, and stop relying on plain Word documents.

Switch to a clean, modern design with tips built-in to help you craft the best UX evaluation template possible. It contains design and structure, out-of-the-box.

Instead of looking up best practices and pointers on how to best structure your review, we’ve included some hints and tips along the way to save you time and worry.

Free up time both now and in the future – for $9 (one-time)

We all know that often times, UX reviews can lead to repeat client work. Which is why it is vital to impress the client from the start. Sure, you could create a presentation from scratch… but how long would that take you? Hours? And how much is your time worth? Plus, this presentation theme is something you can-reuse for unlimited projects and clients.

On top of that, you’ll stand out and be remembered by clients by producing something with professionalism and charm.

Many new UX designers send plain, uninspiring text audits to clients in Doc format — and these documents usually lack a consistent structure. These documents are often a jumble of information with little to no formatting. Aesthetically speaking, there is also often much to be desired.

With this template, you’ll stand out like the pro designer you are and leave a great impression!

File format: This template we’ve created is super flexible and easy to customize. The usability evaluation template was created in Google Slides, which means that with a free Gmail account, you can easily edit it and then share the file directly with your client via link (directly to the Google Slides file) or export as a PDF or Powerpoint file.

Grab the template now — feel free to use it for unlimited clients and projects. Use this template to speed up your workflow and focus on what you do best, rather than the tedious presentation/report design duties associated with creating a UX report.

This saves hours of work for each client project, freeing up time for you to focus on the actual review (not the presentation).

Customize this flexible template to suit you (and your client’s) needs, and edit it with your evaluation details. All text and images can be switched out as needed. Instructions are included to guide you along the way, as needed. Your download also includes lifetime updates whenever new slide designs come out.

All in all, we hope that this modern, clean template lands you tons of new client work for years to come!

…All for the price of a burrito. 🙂 Plus, this is a lifetime license which means that you can use this template for UNLIMITED projects and clients! PS: We have won ongoing clients with this exact template. We hope that you do, too.

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