task management UI kit

About this UI kit

Super easy to edit (using Sketch symbols)

Customizable styles and assets

28 Fully editable mobile screens included (iOS XR)

Compatible with Sketch (v. 53)

Modern, user-friendly layout

This task management app has designs for features such as: dashboard, user onboarding, notifications, employee invites, statistics, messages, profile, tasks, project status, calendar, inbox, and settings.

Help documentation & support included

Save 160+ hours of design time – ideal for smart designers and resourceful business owners who want to save time

More details

This task management UI kit, compatible with Sketch, is here to reduce bottlenecks and speed up your design workflow.

With 28 fully editable mobile screens, it is a time-saver. This mobile UI kit utilizes symbols in Sketch, making it a breeze to make edits that reflect across all screens.

This comprehensive task management UI kit can be used for your client projects, plus commercial or personal use. You cannot resell this as a UI kit.

Whether you’re working on a client design project or launching your own business, you can customize the screens to suit your unique needs.

The Google font Poppins is included.

Questions? Contact [email protected]


For Smart Designers

Save time by using this UI set as a foundation for your client work. Customize it quickly and easily using Sketch symbols. Use this as a framework for unlimited freelance client projects! Work smart and customize it to suit each client’s requirements.


For Resourceful Founders

Hiring designers to create a dashboard of this scale would normally take a team 160+ hours. Instead, opt for a much quicker approach: Use this UI kit, customize any screens you’d like, and save thousands of dollars (not to mention many hours of your own time).


For Unified Product Teams

Work with your product teammembers efficiently with this easy-to-edit UI which includes a master styleguide to help keep assets and styles organized and consistent.


For Efficient Developers

Use the native Sketch inspector for basic CSS, or use a code generating tool like Zeplin. Work faster than ever before and focus on what you do best.

The Team Behind This Kit

Cindy Natassia
Hannah Wright
UI kit task management
task UI kit
task management UI kit
Mobile UI kit
UI Kit styleguide

A one-time license purchase grants you rights to use (or customize) this kit on unlimited client projects.