Importing/opening the files in Figma

NOTE: You must use this specific import method below. 

This UI kit is compatible with Figma (

To import and open the kit, login to Figma (or create a free account) and then click the “Import” icon:

Import icon

Next, find the .fig file included in the kit download (the fileis called SaaS UI Kit.fig)

After that, Figma will begin to import the screens in a new file. This usually takes a few minutes, so please be patient until it finishes importing.

Once finished, you will be able to open the file in Figma.

The file is separated into 3 pages: Desktop, tablet, and mobile. You can change the pages on the left navigation:


Making Modifications Quickly & Easily

Everything is organized into Figma components, making it simple to make changes that will apply to all screens automatically! 🙂

To make changes, you can find the style guide under “Desktop.” Notice that when you change colors or make modifications to any of the assets in the style guide, the changes will reflect on all screens.

If you run into any issues, please email us at [email protected]