Is Figma Really Free? — Explained With Details

So, is Figma Free?

With all the plan options, including a free plan, you may be wondering, “Is Figma free?”

If so, then what does it cover, exactly? What are the limitations?

The answer is that it is free for unlimited drafts and unlimited viewers, which includes another editor (in addition to yourself) for up to 3 files.

Here is a link to signup for Figma’s free plan.

Need another editor along with you for more than 3 files? That is when you’d want to look at the paid plans.

Check out more in this video, along with the most important tips:

For budding designers or budget-conscious professionals, the prospect of a free design tool is nothing short of a treasure chest. Figma offers a free plan that allows users to dive into its feature-rich platform without spending a dime.

This plan is not a limited trial where you only have a certain amount of time; it’s a robust offering that provides ample room for individuals and small teams to explore the possibilities of Figma without breaking the bank.

Key Features of Figma’s Free Plan:

  1. Unlimited Projects (Drafts) With View Access: With Figma’s free plan, you can embark on as many design journeys as your creativity allows. Whether you’re crafting a personal project or collaborating with a small team, the sky’s the limit.
  2. Real-time Collaboration: Figma’s real-time collaboration feature transcends the boundaries of traditional design tools. Multiple team members can work on a project simultaneously, fostering seamless communication and a fluid design process.
  3. Cloud Storage: Say goodbye to the dreaded bloat of local files slowing your computer down (gasp!). Figma’s free plan includes cloud storage, ensuring your designs are securely stored and easily accessible from anywhere.
  4. Prototyping and User Testing: Elevate your designs from static images to interactive prototypes with Figma’s prototyping capabilities. Test user interactions and gather valuable feedback to refine your creations.

Navigating Figma’s Paid Plans:

While the free plan offers a plethora of features, Figma’s paid plans introduce additional perks tailored to the needs of larger teams and enterprises.

Understanding these plans is essential for those seeking advanced functionalities and heightened collaboration.

  1. Figma Starter: Ideal for individuals, the Starter plan offers enhanced collaboration features and increased cloud storage, making it a step up from the free plan.
  2. Figma Professional: Geared towards small to medium-sized teams, the Professional plan provides advanced design features, team libraries, and version history, ensuring a more robust and organized workflow.
  3. Figma Organization: Tailored for larger enterprises, the Organization plan introduces admin controls, enhanced security features, and a dedicated support channel, empowering teams to scale their design operations seamlessly.


In the quest for the perfect design tool, Figma stands out as a versatile and accessible option.

Basically, you can get started with designing right away to see if you like it. And view access to your files are always unlimited, no matter what plan you are on.

Whether you’re a solo designer exploring the creative landscape or part of a collaborative team pushing the boundaries of innovation, Figma’s free plan opens doors to a world of possibilities.

While the paid plans offer additional benefits, you can do a lot of designing in the entry plan at no cost. Dive in, explore, and happy designing!

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