Learn Figma Multi Edit: The Complete 2024 Guide

While designing in Figma, there are SO many reasons to bulk edit in Figma — and Figma multi edit helps solve that.

It makes things even easier to adjust objects, component sets, and variants in bulk, across multiple layers.

BUT there are a few things to know about it, and here I’ll also be talking about common problems and their solutions.

No time to read the whole article? I’ve got you! Simply watch the video tutorial below.

Don’t forget to watch till the end of the video, because I’ve included some very important troubleshooting tips you’ll want to remember in case you need it later. πŸ™‚

figma multi edit feature learn tutorial

Above is the shortened TL;DR version – if you want to learn it fast via YouTube video πŸ™‚

The benefits of using Figma multi edit

Using this feature means that you can easily make edits and modifications across multiple frames.

This specifically applies to things like objects, component sets,Β and variants.

How to use multi edit

To start using multi edit, select the type of layer you want to select multiple of and then press CTRL + ALT + A at the same time.

Or select this symbol at the top center to select multiple layers of the same type:

multi select Figma

From there, you can change the shape of multiple objects at once.

If you’d like to make changes to variants or component sets, there’s one more step.

After auto-selecting all the layers, you’d press the icon next to it when you’re ready to make changes:

add text

And here’s a better look at what that would look like after adding an object to a variant or component set:

tutorial screenshot example


Common problems & errors β€” solved

“Help! Only certain layers are being selected when I try to select multiple layers – why is that?”

This could be because your layer names are not the same.

If you’re using an ellipse, for example, you’d want each ellipse to be called “Ellipse 1.” If one is called “Ellipse 2,” for example, it won’t be selected.

If this happens to you, no worries!

You can press “CTRL + /” to enter the quick command menu.

Type in “Select all with the same properties” and then press “CTRL + R” on your keyboard to rename in bulk.

If that doesn’t work, and if you’re working on a component, please be sure it is in a component set.

You can do this pressing “CTRL + /” and then typing in “Select all with the same properties” and then clicking the component icon dropdown arrow in the top center of the screen and selecting “Create component set.”

Lone components won’t work as expected here (at least not at the moment).

After that, it should work as expected. πŸ˜€


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