The 10 Best Figma Templates in 2021 (Free & Pro)

January 10, 2021 by Hannah Wright

best Figma templates free 2021

Whether you've just discovered Figma or you've been using it for a while, you've probably noticed that it's super easy to import Figma templates and UI kits to customize and help speed up your next project.

It's no secret that this design tool has been gaining a LOT of traction in the market — and for good reason!

Moreover, it's unmatched when it comes to real-time collaboration, whether you're working solo or with a large team.

Whether you're working with a design client, a team, or you're creating designs for your own business, these hand-selected templates for Figma can help you speed up your product launch or re-design.

With over ten of the best free and premium templates, this collection can help you create a shortlist of the best design options for your project!

1. Figma Dashboard Templates [Premium]

Figma dashboard template

Are you building a SaaS product, web app, or an admin dashboard? If so, you might be looking for dashboard layouts.

This design kit comes with 80 different layouts and screens, which includes desktop, tablet, and mobile versions.

For quick and easy editing and customization, it also contains Figma components and styles.

This makes it easy to changes things like font type, logo, colors, and more.

2. Atro UI Kit [Premium]

Figma mobile UI kit

This awesome template by designer Adrian Chiran is full of 100+ curated app screens and designs.

The designs are clean, modern, and clutter-free, the way we think a good user interface should be.

In addition, the colors used are bold and energizing.

Full transparency: We are a partner of Adrian's because we think his products are great!

3. Figma Wireframe Kit [Premium]

Figma wireframe template

If you're in the brainstorming process of a project, it's always a good call to communicate your ideas to your team early on.

So, to help facilitate this, wireframe templates can significantly speed up your design process.

These screens are designed for the web, and contain desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of all screens for responsive design.

With components and design blocks that you can stack and build off of.

For example, you'll be able to choose from different layout blocks and variations to match your project.

3. iOS for Figma [Free]

figma iOS UI kit

If you're looking to work specifically within iOS requirements, then templates with the proper specs you're looking for can help.

That way, you can spend time customizing text, images, and colors without worrying about your foundation.

This iOS kit freebie was designed to help you get your projects running quickly, with native screens included.

It comes with the elements and components needed to move swiftly through your creative process.

4. Freelance App Designs

freelance design app UI

Are you or a client looking to build a freelancing mobile app or a job marketplace?

You may like this fun (and free!) UI kit, which comes with twenty screens for Figma.

It also has five illustrations for you to utilize.

The design itself is easy to edit and the screens are stunning (with UX also in mind).

Whether you're a designer or a startup founder, this is a convenient way to help you get started on your next project.

Thanks for designer Anthony Choren for this excellent contribution!

5. The Lopper Website Template [Free]

Lopper website template

Designing a new website or series of landing pages?

Here's a vivacious design for you to edit and customize to suit your needs, brought to you by designer Mariusz Daniel.

With thirteen colorful screen designs that follow industry best practices, this kit is both creative and professional.

What industries would it work well for?

Well, we think that this design would act as a perfect starting point for: non-profits, agencies, web hosting companies, and more.

It includes an about page, services page, team page, homepage, and many more (including multiple variations and options).

6. Figma Material Design System [Premium]

Material Design Figma

Do you need to work within the Material Design framework for one or multiple projects?

If you're beginning a project and want to stay within the guidelines, a design system is a good choice.

Why? It helps you focus more on the creative side of things.

This design system comes with 1,500+ Material Design components made for Figma.

In addition, you'll find 200+ editable templates (this count includes desktop, tablet, and mobile screen designs).

The templates themselves include: dashboard and e-commerce. Light and dark themes included.

Components, styles, text, typography, and colors can all be edited.

So, if you're looking to save some time on all of your Material Design projects, check this one out!

7. Table Template for Figma [free]

Tables for Figma

If you've grown tired of designing tables from scratch every time you work on a new project, we don't blame you.

In fact, that's why we're loving this table UI from designer Alvish Badha.

Now you can create a duplicate of this UI each time you need a table, and then copy and paste it into your latest project to edit and customize.

That way, you'll have a starting point to build off of every time you have a new project that requires tables...

Which, as you probably know, comes up in many projects these days. :-)

This is a rapid time-saver, indeed.

8. Admin Dashboard Kit [Freebie Sample]

Admin Dashboard for Figma

This little dashboard design freebie is a sample taken from a larger UI kit.

You can use the freebies however you'd like, and customize the designs to complement your project.

So, what are the screens like?

With cool, relaxed hues, these dashboard templates are ideal for web app designs and projects.

Designed with a great user experience in mind, this overall feel of this interface is professional, yet fun and welcoming!

9. Budget App UI

budget app UI

Finally, a budget app with a beautiful design!

If you're a fan of soft colors or pastels, then this one's for you. The typography and UX is also very clean and minimalist, pleasing to the eye. This free user interface design set offers a great place to start for your next personal budget app project.

Now, you can hit the ground running and kickstart your project! Thanks to designer Andrew Tanchuk, this free resource for Figma is available to the public.

10. Figma Template

dark ui

Looking for a dark theme UI? Look no further! Designer Vladimir Gruev created this useful UI for you to play around with.

Take it for a spin by duplicating the file and get creative with it.

The color palette is pretty awesome, especially for those of you who love dark themes!

Going forward

There are a vast amount of resources out there for us creatives (and sometimes it's not the easiest to sort through). However, it can be such a time-saver to stock up on useful creative tools to use for upcoming projects. In terms of practical use: we'd recommend importing your UI files once, then clicking "duplicate" for each separate project that you work on.

That way, you'll have the original always in your files, but you'll be able to re-use the assets again and again very quickly. After all, you might use the same resource multiple times and add your own unique touches to each project.

Really, they are meant to be a time-saving starting point and launching point for your creative ideas. So, in conclusion, we hope this roundup has been helpful for you and that it has saved you time. We plan to keep this updated throughout the year as new things come out. Why?

Because Figma as a tool is changing constantly, so it's important to have the latest, up-to-date UI resources. So we believe keeping this up-to-date is crucial. Anyway, we're wishing you the best on your next awesome project.

Happy designing!