Figma Resources (Leveraging UI Kits & Templates)

August 18, 2021 by Guest Author

Figma resources

Pictured: Material Dashboard Templates for Figma (check out the freebie starter version here)

Figma resources can elevate and accelerate your design workflow.

If you’re short on inspiration and lack the design skills to experiment inside the platform, you should leverage Figma resources, such as Figma UI kits and Figma templates. These can be a total gamechanger for entrepreneurs struggling to get their creative juices flowing.

Figma resources come in all shapes and sizes. As the Figma community only continues to grow, there’s never been a better time to explore the use of Figma UI kits and templates.

Ready-to-use Figma templates can save you a tremendous amount of time. From wireframes and mobile UI kits to customer journey maps and flowchart makers, there are so many great Figma resources available to choose from.

We wanted to take this opportunity to answer some common questions that we’re often asked about Figma resources and the design platform in general. With more entrepreneurs using Figma to bring their UI designs to life than ever before, now is the time to get to grips with the platform.

If you could produce stunning UI designs in a fraction of the time with the support of Figma resources, why wouldn’t you leverage these UI kits and templates? It’s a no-brainer.

Navigate through the answers to these frequently asked questions below:

  • What are Figma resources?
  • How do I add resources to Figma?
  • Are there templates for Figma?
  • How useful are Figma resources?
  • What is an element in Figma?
  • How do you use a UI kit in Figma?
  • Can you do wireframes in Figma?
  • Where can you find Figma icons?
  • Where can you find free Figma templates?
  • Is Figma better than XD?
  • How do I open a Figma template?
  • Is Figma free to use?
  • Which companies use Figma?
  • Is Figma easy to learn?
  • How can you get started with Figma resources?

Without wasting any time, let’s dive straight in

What are Figma resources?

Figma resources can cover a full range of use cases. These templates and mockups can kickstart your Figma projects and provide you with the inspiration to hit the ground running.

As a designer, there’s nothing more challenging than staring at a blank canvas. Starting from scratch is far from easy and this is why you should seek template resources to support your design projects.

Sometimes, a simple template is all that’s needed to spark your imagination. If you need to get a project moving quickly and your creative juices just aren’t flowing, a Figma template could help to accelerate your productivity and provide you with much-needed clarity.

Many people often assume that Figma templates come with a rigid sense of structure, leaving little room for flexibility or creative freedom. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Figma resources, such as wireframes and UI kits, can be heavily customized to meet your needs. These design files have often be created for the purpose of being entirely altered.

How do I add resources to Figma?

You can take a browse through Figma community resources to access an extensive library of design files and plugins. These are completely free for Figma users to install and remix.

Figma community has made this design platform even more accessible to beginners that have hit a wall with their projects. You can think of this as being the Github for designers.

It couldn’t be easier to install and remix a design file using the Figma community feature. You simply identify the resource you’re looking for and duplicate the file.

Are there templates for Figma?

Yes! There are a range of free Figma templates.

From basic UI kits to full-scale templates, you can take advantage of an eclectic mix of Figma resources using the community feature. While the Figma community feature has undoubtedly made it easier to get your design projects off the ground, there are a few downsides.

When you’re looking for Figma templates to use, the sheer volume of files can be overwhelming and make it difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. With our Figma templates and UI kits, you can expect carefully composed design files built around the needs of creative teams.

How useful are Figma resources?

If you’re an entrepreneur struggling to push forward with a design project, Figma resources are incredibly useful. Regardless of your design skills and abilities, there are Figma resources for both beginners and more advanced users.

Whether you’re looking for a little inspiration or a springboard to send your productivity soaring, Figma resources can prove to be immensely valuable for the design process.

We’ve developed a full range of useful resources for SaaS entrepreneurs to leverage in their design projects. These resources were made with SaaS entrepreneurs top of mind.

You shouldn’t let a lack of design skills hold you back from building compelling user interfaces. With the support of a template, you will have the building blocks to develop original UI designs.

What is a Figma UI kit?

A Figma UI kit can help you to establish a consistent look and feel from the outset.

There is an ever-growing selection of Figma UI kits to choose from. To pick the right one for your design project, you must consider the platforms you’re designing for.

As an example, if you’re working on a design project for an iOS application, you will naturally gravitate towards Figma iOS UI kits. Entrepreneurs working on SaaS projects should look to Figma UI kits created specifically for SaaS projects.

This is why we’ve created a SaaS UI kit for Figma designers to quickly get their ideas across. Accessing this UI kit saves you the headache of using easy-to-customize Figma templates.

Regardless of experience, any Figma user can take this UI kit for a spin. All you need is a free Figma account to get started.

With a ready-to-use UI component library, the SaaS UI kit is perfect for beginners. All of the components inside the UI kit are fully customizable and can be adapted to meet the needs of your SaaS project.

How do you use a UI kit in Figma?

After completing the purchase of a Figma UI kit, you'll receive a link to download the file. Once you’re inside Figma, all you need to do is simply click the import icon and select the ".fig" file you had downloaded.

When it comes to using one of our UI kits, I’m happy to guide you through the process of adding the file to Figma and unlocking as much value as possible.

Can you do wireframes in Figma?

Using Figma’s drag-and-drop interface, anyone can design high-fidelity and low-fidelity wireframes. If you’re working on a SaaS project, it’s usually logical to start with a simple wireframe to help you convey your big idea.

As a web-based wireframe tool, Figma excels in its ability to support real-time collaboration. Multiple users can jump into a file and edit together in real-time.

These real-time collaboration features make it easy for everyone to quickly share feedback, supporting an iterative design flow.

We’ve built a Figma wireframe kit that can be used to supercharge your prototypes. With a massive layout library, this wireframe kit offers everything you need to hit the ground running.

Where can you find Figma icons?

There’s no shortage of Figma icon templates for you to choose from. If you’re looking for icons as part of your next project, I would recommend using a complete UI kit.

There’s nothing worse than bolting together components from different sources only for a design to look aesthetically inconsistent. To ensure consistency across your interface design, you should use Figma icons that come as part of a complete UI kit.

If you’re struggling to find the right Figma icons for your projects, it would be worth checking out our Figma UI design kit. This is jam-packed with Figma icons that will match the rest of your interface and look aesthetically consistent.

Where can you find free Figma templates?

We’ve created a full collection of free Figma templates for you to enjoy. That’s right, these UI kits and Figma resources can be leveraged by designers, agencies, and business owners to bring their design projects to life.

These free Figma templates are essentially samples of much larger files. By offering them for free, I’m giving you the opportunity to take the files for a test drive to see what they can do.

Is Figma better than XD?

Rather than syncing to the cloud in Adobe XD, you can work in the cloud with Figma. Many designers are jumping from Adobe XD over to this cloud-based design solution.

It all depends on what you're looking for in your design workflow.

When you’re working on large SaaS projects, storage is important. With Adobe XD, users are limited to 2GB of file storage under the Starter plan.

In contrast, cloud storage inside Figma is unlimited, but they do have paid plans as well. So, it all depends on your team's needs and your specific budget.

Using Figma, your entire team can collaborate inside a single design file in real-time. This is perfect for SaaS teams that are trying to create truly incredible user experiences.

How do I open a Figma template?

You can open a Figma template in just a few simple steps:

  • Open the Figma File Browser, otherwise known as the dashboard.
  • Source and select the file you want to import in a separate window.
  • Drag the files over to the Figma file browser.
  • Release your mouse to start the uploading process.
  • Once completed, click ‘Done to return to the File Browser.
  • Is Figma free to use?

    For beginners, Figma is free to use. If you want to work on unlimited projects and invite-only private projects, you may wish to upgrade to their Professional plan.

    Figma recently made some changes to their Starter plan, supporting more collaboration by lifting the 2-editor limit. You’re now able to collaborate with an unlimited number of editors on design files in a Starter team.

    Which companies use Figma?

    From Airbnb and Uber to Dropbox and Zoom, companies of all sizes across many sectors are using Figma to streamline their design workflows. The use of this cloud-based platform can be easily scaled across an organization while also working perfectly for independent designers and solopreneurs.

    With more people using Figma than ever before, there’s a growing design community to answer any questions you might have about using the platform. The Figma Support Forum will help you to overcome any design hurdles you may encounter.

    Is Figma easy to learn?

    Figma can be remarkably easy to learn. As an interface design application, Figma is ideal for teams working at all stages of the design process.

    Figma’s onboarding experience enables new users to familiarize themselves with the platform relatively quickly. New users may also choose to seek YouTube tutorials on how to use various aspects of the application to push forward with their design projects.

    Any entrepreneur working on a new SaaS project can get to grips with Figma relatively quickly with the support of templates and UI kits. These resources are essential to giving you a vital headstart in the design process.

    How can you get started with Figma resources?

    You can get started with Figma resources by browsing through our Figma templates and UI kits for productive teams. I’ve created a range of templates and UI kits covering specific use cases.

    Whether you’re working on a new SaaS project or enhancing an existing one, our Figma UI kits and templates have the potential to save you weeks of time. If you’re relatively new to the world of Figma, these resources will give you a competitive edge.

    The right Figma resource could be the difference between you spending hours and weeks on a design project. It’s all about finding the right templates and UI kits to accelerate productivity.

    Looking to save time with your next Figma project? Check out some free Figma templates today!

    We hope you get off to a great start with your next UI project. Happy designing!