Figma Pricing: What Does Figma Really Cost?

March 04, 2021 by Hannah Wright

Figma pricing

Figma Pricing Breakdown: Explained

So, you're looking to create some awesome designs and to begin a new UI project, and you like that Figma is browser-based and easy to use: but what is the pricing model and how much does it cost?

You've probably heard that it's free... is it true?

And if so, what does the starter plan get you in terms of features and functionality?

Are there any discounts on the paid plans?

No worries — we've got you covered! After spending hours of research, we're going to break it down for you here.

This is a communiity-researched article, and for any questions, please head on over to their nifty support forum.

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The Plans

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In short, there are several plans: Free, Professional, and Organization.

Here's a summary of the important differences between them:

Free Plan

Fortunately, you can get a TON of good use out of the unpaid plan.

This is the best choice for individuals and small teams just starting out.

For example, you're able to work on up to three active projects at a time, and with two editors working on your team.

Also, you'll get to view notes about who has changed (it's called "version history") for up to thirty days. This is a nice plus that allows you to view exactly what kind of changes have been made.

Then, if you're looking for more, you can always upgrade later.

Professional Plan

If your projects are piling up and you multiple work projects happening, the pro tier is ideal.


It gives you unlimited projects.

So, if you're running around like a crazy person with a new project every day or week, this one's for you.

Organization Plan

Normally, if you're working as part of a large team, keeping everything centralized can be a pain.

However, with this edition, you can have company-wide shared UI design libraries, private plugins, and advanced security (SAML SSO for the win!).

The advanced security features make this tier a good option for enterprise organizations that may have more strict requirements.

Plus, it's useful when working with a large team or among several different departments with many people.

PS: Want some free Figma templates to help you start your next project quickly?

Project Access for Teams

On paid account teams (pro or org plans), you can limit access by project if you choose to do so.

For example, if you're working with freelancers that aren't employees of your business.

You can do this by clicking "Share" in either your Project or the individual file you're working in.

If you invite someone and only give them only "View" access, they won't count as a teammate.

Of course, giving someone "Edit" access is a different story. The beauty of it is that you can limit access based on project, team, or file — whichever you'd like.

As such, it's extremely flexible, whether you're working with employees or contractors (or both!).

Student, Teacher & Bootcamp Discount

Do they offer a student discount?

Fortunately, the answer is yes.

In addition, they also have a deal for teachers and educational institutions, and bootcamps (for example, design and coding bootcamps).

This is what it gets you: unlimited projects, access for two years, team libraries, version history (unlimited), and access to community groups and resources.

So, if you are interested, apply here for the education discount.

Is there a Non-profit Discount?

You may also be wondering if there is a plan for non-profit organizations.

At this time, the answer is no, there is not a nonprofit discount.

Trust me when I say that the free plan is great (and it looks like I'm not alone in thinking that, according to this Designer News thread)! Give it a spin.

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Adding Additional Members to Your Team

Fortunately, their official documentation states that you can add any additional teammates to your account at any time.

Therefore, you are billed automatically for each new user that is added.

You'll receive an email every month with these details.

But what if you're on an annual plan? Hmm, what then?

No problem! It's simple...

In that particular case, the way it works is that you'll be billed $15 a month for any new teammate, until your next annual renewal date, on the annual plan.

All About Invoices

Does your business require a formal invoice?

No problem; they offer that under their "Organization Plan."

You'll receive regular formal invoices on that plan, along with your business details.

That way, you're able to keep records of your payments.

Switching Plans

Any user defined as an "editor" on your team can upgrade your account.

This means that if you'd like to level up from the starter plan, you can do easily.

Just make sure that whoever will be doing the upgrade is an editor.

According to their website, they state that they accept all major credit cards.


As you can see, the option you choose depends heavily on your team size and the functionality needed.

For example, a freelancer will want a very different plan compared to an enterprise team.

However, they've made it easy to find the right option for you.

And the good news is that you can sign up for free to starting trying it out right away.

(I don't know about you, but I always like to just dive in and try things out).

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Anyway, happy designing!

Last updated: March 16, 2021