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We researched top winning pitch decks (so that you don't have to). Take the pain out of the fundraising process & save 200+ hours of time creating your business presentation with easy-to-edit presentation slides made for Figma. Customize logo, text, and images in seconds. Unlimited color options!

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Figma slide deck templates


Can I edit the colors and text?

Yes, absolutely! This template set comes with easy-to-edit master styles, which means you can make the templates any color you want in seconds (and it'll reflect across all screens).

Can I use these slides for raising investment capital?

Yes, you can use the slides for any type of commercial presentation, including investor presentations.

I am new to Figma; will I be able to use these slides?

Of course! This slide deck was made for beginners in mind, and there are instructions included to make things simple for you to get started.

Will I be able to change the logo or mockups?

Yes, we've designed it so that you only have to change your logo in one place (components page) and the changes will reflect across all screens. You'll also be able to easily upload your own product screenshots in the device mockups!

How do I get started?

Once you've made your purchase, you'll be directed to your download page. Once you download your file, you simply import the .fig file into Figma. From there, you will be able to view the instructions for getting started! Feel free to message us here if you run into any other questions.

How does the refund policy work?

We offer full refunds if you're unsatisfied with your purchase. Just message us within 30 days of purchase.

Who is it for, anyway?

For entrepreneurs

Generate your slide presentation in minutes and create slides that will get the attention of investors. Each slide comes with tips and examples based on substantial research. Focus on raising VC rather than designing each and every slide from scratch. Save hundreds of hours of time!

For agencies

Want to create a presentation for a client or investor? Take the headache away with premade slides that are 100% customizable so that you can close more deals instead of worrying about designing each and every pixel from scratch.

For developers

Is code your strong suit, and you just want to stop worrying about design? These modern, beautiful slides are ready for you to customize for your next presentation. Stop worrying about design and create the perfect pitch deck for your business.

For accelerators

If you are an accelerator or education organization that is looking to help others create pitch presentations in Figma, this can help save time by acting as a foundation for their presentations!


Remain in control of your brand

Save yourself from dealing with the headache of creating the designs from scratch. Create your presentation quickly so that you can focus on what you do best.

Figma slide deck templates

Figma pitch deck presentation templates

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How it works (it's simple)

Import to Figma in one click

To start editing your presentation in Figma, open the .fig file (which is included in your download) in Figma in just one click. It's that easy! All you'll need is a Figma account (free).

Customize + drag-and-drop content

You can change any text, choose from unlimited colors, upload your logo, content, and any other component all in a matter of seconds (in one place) rather than having to change on every screen.

Share a link or play your presentation

Easily share your final presentation with your team, export the presentation as PDF, or share it directly with investors using your unique Figma link.

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