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As a busy creative, are you tired of having to constantly research Material Design guidelines? Would you rather focus on what you do best (AKA the creative process) instead of bland, time-consuming research?

Create beautiful designs for web apps & websites in Figma using Material Design components.

Be Material Design Compliant

Tired of constantly looking up Google’s Material Design guidelines? Would you rather focus on your creative strengths? This kit is material design compliant out-of-the-box, saving you days of research & headache.

Stay Organized & Consistent

Never worry about being disorganized again! With a fully editable universal style guide and components, you can keep everything in one place. Plus, make quick changes across styles by editing in bulk.

Edit Any Template

This design system contains 30+ ready-to-go 1440px desktop templates, all in material design, with dark and light themes. Save time and customize these templates to suit your needs!

Work Faster & Save Time

Since our team has already created these material design components and templates for you, you can focus on what you do best (without the tedious work), saving you time and energy.

33 Editable 1440px Desktop Templates (Light & Dark Themes)

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What You’ll Get:

Save 320+ Hours of Time & Research with Full-Width Material Design Screens & Components

1,500+ Material Design elements/components

33 Templates – Material Design ready (light & dark themes)

Easy to modify (using Figma components) and scalable

Customizable style guide and assets

Desktop web components

Figma allows you to view CSS, making developer handoff a breeze

Modern, user-friendly layout

License can be used for unlimited commercial or client projects

Help documentation & support included

Access to all future updates

Save 320+ hours of design time – ideal for smart designers and resourceful business owners who want to save time

Work Smart with Designer & Developer-Friendly Components

This Material Design Web Kit, created exclusively for Figma, is a material design library and an essential tool for saving time and speeding up your workflow while maintaining Google’s Material Design guidelines and specs with ease.

Complete with 1,500+ easy-to-edit components and premade mockups for a web app and landing page, this kit is ideal for desktop web designs.

Typically, creating all of these elements in full would take a team of designers 320+ hours to create. By utilizing this kit, you can get a headstart on unlimited Material Design projects and focus on what matters most.

Whether you’re a savvy designer or a busy business owner, this kit can be customized to suit your needs.

In Figma, CSS code can be previewed by default for each of the designs, making developer hand-off a breeze.

This comprehensive kit can be used for commercial use or personal use, including client projects.

Designed to help save you time, you can modify and customize the screens for your unique project.

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For Smart Designers

Save time by using this all-in-one design kit as a foundation for your client work. Enjoy quick and easy customization with Figma components. Use this as a framework for unlimited commercial or client projects! Work smart and customize it to suit your needs.


For Resourceful Founders

Hiring designers to create a design system and dashboard screens of this scale would normally take a team 300+ hours. Instead, opt for a much quicker approach: Use this design kit, customize any screens you’d like, and save time and money in the process.


For Unified Product Teams

Work with your product team members efficiently with this easy-to-edit UI which includes a master style guide to help keep assets and styles organized and consistent as your projects scale over time (without the headache).


For Efficient Developers

Figma shows the CSS of each element in the “Code” section on the right, helping you speed up the implementation process. Download all assets (like icons) in Figma to speed up your workflow.

The Team Behind This Kit

Marina Safronova
Hannah Wright

✨ 1,500+ Material Design Components

Material Design UI Kit
Figma material design desktop UI kit
Material design UI kit Figma
Graphs charts for Figma
Figma material design system desktop

Are you ready to be Material Design compliant?

This license grants you rights to use or customize this kit on unlimited commercial or client projects.