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Figma Error Uploading Video - How to Fix it Fast

Updated: June 18, 2023 by Hannah Wright

Figma error uploading video

Are you running into a Figma error uploading video? Want to avoid the headache so that you can finish your project?

No worries, you're not alone — many people have asked this question, and luckily there is a quick solution!

As Figma experts, we are here to help.

You might be getting an error like this one: "Uploading videos is only available on paid pro, enterprise, and organization teams."

Here's a list of steps that you can follow to get rid of this problem fast (try them in order):

Now let's get right into how to solve the Figma error uploading video problem:

Based on our experiences helping people solve Figma problems over the years, the following steps outlined below can solve this issue. We'd recommend following them in order.

Step 1. First, double check to make sure the file is in your team folder (instead of your drafts)

It's easy to accidentally start working in your drafts instead of the team folder on your paid plan.

That's because most files start out in your own personal "Drafts" folder unless you click specifically on your team folder first.

If the file you're working on is in "Drafts" on the left menu in Figma, you'll simply want to drag it over to a team folder.

Your team folder is on left and it will have your company name on it, and you'll want to put the file you're working on in a folder somewhere within your team folder. If you don't have a folder setup inside your teams folder, you can create a new one and drag your file over there.

Step 2. Refresh/reload after that

Designer fact: Sometimes all we really need is just a little bit of extra inspiration when it comes to deciding what combination of fonts to use for an upcoming project.

Step 3. If the previous steps didn't work:

If the above steps don't work, then try moving that same file from your teams folder back into your drafts (yes, really!)

(I know it sounds questionable, but stick with me...)

After that, drag the file from drafts back again to your team folder.

Next, refresh/reload.

I know it's surprising, but it works!

Anyway, hope it helped you solve your troubles with uploading the video.

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