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Beginner-friendly: You can use this even if you're totally new to Figma.

Unlike many other Figma kits on the market that charge for extra users, you can share this bundle with your team freely (at no additional cost).

An end-to-end solution for every kind of design you'd ever need in Figma, conveniently organized in one uniquely intuitive and collaboration-driven package. Inside this bundle are 8 kits for Figma and a whopping 500+ screens:

πŸ” Figma SaaS Dashboard (Design Kit) - Preview ($99)
πŸ” Figma Material Design Kit - Preview Screens ($97)
πŸ” Figma Admin Dashboard Kit - Preview Screens ($99)
πŸ” Figma Payment App - Preview Screens ($84)
πŸ” Figma Design System - Preview Screens ($64)
πŸ” Figma Wireframe Kit - Preview Screens ($97)
πŸ” Figma iOS Kit - Preview Screens ($99)
πŸ” Figma Landing Page Kit - Preview Screens ($129)

Buy the bundle - $330

Figma design bundle

β€œMore creativity. Less frustration. Better results.”

Our ready-made design building blocks have been specially crafted for the Figma interface and made for seamless integration into your design prototypes, so you and your team can stop wasting time on cumbersome editing tools and start breathing life into your project… even if you have zero Figma experience.

8 UI Kits

We give you all of the shortcuts you need for every intricate detail of your design process, all in one place and ready for even the most complicated design projects.

500+ Screens

Our sweeping selection of premade, customizable screens and layouts give a solution for every style, aesthetic and function.

Zero Risks

We’re so confident this bundle will remedy your design woes, that we’ll give you every penny back if you don’t love it. That's guaranteed.

Buy the bundle for $330

Here's what you'll find inside:

Figma Wireframe Kit

Build strong prototype structures and layout blocks on component by component basis, customizable for your project scale.

Figma Material Design Kit

Customize your material desktop layouts with more than 1,500 elements and 200+ screens for every style.

Admin dashboard kit

Craft intuitive and streamlined admin operations with must-have components made customizable to your needs.

Dashboard UI Kit

Create seamless user experiences for SaaS products with screens optimized for desktop, mobile device and in-app usage.

Design System for Figma

Reimagine existing designs with easy to edit and collaborative functions that make every detail specified to you.

Figma iOS UI kit

Leverage the power of leading iOS user experiences with custom made screens designed for seamless integration.

landing page builder for Figma

Engage and connect to your users with actionable landing page elements designed for every audience niche.

pay app UI

Simplify the transaction and payment process with expertly tailored screens for end-to-end payment support.

One purchase, lifetime access.

Plus, every bundle includes all of the following bonuses:

βœ… 8 all-inclusive Figma design kits
βœ… Free unlimited lifetime capabilities
βœ… Commercial & personal usage approval
βœ… Free kit updates & exclusive offerings
βœ… Free built-in product support

Think about it: you get lifetime access to all of this, plus all future updates, for just $330. Even if this bundle only helped you save 20 hours of work the entire time you owned it, it would easily pay for itself, right?

The truth is: all of these Figma assets can easily save you hundreds of hours, per project.

Instant download - $330

Unlimited use. Commercial use approved. Instant access.


  • All 8 Figma dashboard kits (bundle)
  • Lifetime access
  • Instant download
  • For use in unlimited projects
  • Commercial & personal use approved
  • Help documentation
  • Free updates & support
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