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Hannah Wright


Marina Safronova 

The SaaS Design Story

Hello! I’m the founder, Hannah. SaaS Design started out as a small consulting company until I discovered Figma and became enamored with its capabilities. After a quick Google search, I realized that there weren’t many resources available for the growing Figma userbase.

So, we started creating and selling design systems and UI kits for Figma in January of 2019.

When we launched the kits initially, we weren’t sure people would even be interested.

To our surprise, it would be just a few days until our first sale would come in. 🎉 

I’ll always remember that day, because there’s nothing more exciting than creating something that is useful to others.

Now, thousands of kits have been sold on the website and it continues to grow each day.

In addition, we help run community-powered Figma resource websites to continue to give back to the Figma community.

Feel free to follow our journey.

Figma UI kit